Rubber-Metal bonding agents

Rubber-Metal Bonding Agents are used to connect dissimilar elastomer (such as natural rubber, styrene butadiene, chloroprene, acrylonitrile butadiene, butyl, ethylene propylene, epichlorohydrin, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, urethane, silicone, acryl and fluoro rubber) to metal (such as iron, steel, aluminium and brass) or to a wide range of plastics (such as polyamides, polyepoxides, polyoxymethylene and polyfluoroethylene) as well as to glass and textiles. Among […]


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We provide a wide range of polyurethane products and chemicals that use for both flexible and rigid foams as well as PU casting producers: PUR Systems MDI TDI Polyols Silicone Stabilizers Tin & Amine Catalysts Amine Catalyst Hot and cold cure elastomers Bonding agents Release Agents pigments PU casting curing agents Other PU additives


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Polyolefins are a family of polymers derived from propylene and ethylene such as PE, PP, POP, POE. We can provide a wide range of polyolefins products from Sabic which is biggest manufacturer in the the world.  


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Synthetic Rubber & Latex

Innotech Vietnam provides synthetic rubber that are SBR, BR, NBR, EPDM, Chloroprene (CR), Silicone rubber, butyl and halobutyl together with High Styrene Resin and synthetic lattices such as SBR latex and Chloroprene latex are the key raw materials for the manufacture of rubber and latex products. These polymers are vital to impart physical properties such as […]


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Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxides

We provide full range of zinc oxide for rubber industry included: zinc oxide white seals, zinc oxide red seals and high active zinc oxides.


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